Review of freshly installed Fedora 37 Xfce Desktop

SCREENSHOT 71) The scientific mode and two more modes – Basic and Paper Mode.

main menu
galculator scientific mode

SCREENSHOT 72) galculator 2.1.4

main menu
galculator 2.1.4

SCREENSHOT 73) Mousepad is a simple text editor for Xfce.

There are no highlights of the CPP code.

main menu
Mousepad 0.5.10 opens CPP file

SCREENSHOT 74) Multiple filetypes are supported.

main menu
Mousepad 0.5.10 Filetypes

SCREENSHOT 75) Mousepad 0.5.10

main menu
Mousepad 0.5.10

SCREENSHOT 76) A wallet-like password and key application.

main menu
seahorse – Passwords and Keys

SCREENSHOT 77) Different sensitive keys could be added.

The user may add the following keys and sensitive information – Secure Shell key, GPG key, Password keyring, Password, Private key, and more.

main menu
seahorse add item button

SCREENSHOT 78) The Add password dialog.

main menu
seahorse add password

SCREENSHOT 79) seahorse 43.0

main menu
seahorse 43.0

SCREENSHOT 80) The application makes screenshots with three different regions to capture – The entire screen, Active Window, and dynamically selects a region.

main menu

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