Review of freshly installed Fedora 37 Xfce Desktop

SCREENSHOT 131) The Asunder may be used to rip a musical CD/DVD.

The Preferences are displayed, too.

main menu
Asunder overview with the Preferences window

SCREENSHOT 132) The Preferences Encode tab – what output format to use and some tuning of the quality of the output.

main menu
Asunder Preferences Encode tab

SCREENSHOT 133) Asunder 2.9.7

main menu
Asunder 2.9.7

SCREENSHOT 134) Parole Media Player is playing a video.

main menu
Parole Media Player 4.16.0 playing video.

SCREENSHOT 135) Subtitles could be added from the Video Menu.

main menu
Parole Media Player Video Menu

SCREENSHOT 136) Parole Media Player

main menu
Parole Media Player 4.16.0

SCREENSHOT 137) The Xfce music player!

main menu
Pragha Music Player 1.3.3 overview

SCREENSHOT 138) Pragha Music Player 1.3.3

main menu
Pragha Music Player 1.3.3

SCREENSHOT 139) There are multiple tabs to configure the volume precisely.

The Output Device, which will play the audio.

main menu
Volume Control Output Devices

SCREENSHOT 140) The Device profiles.

main menu
Volume Control Configuration

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