Upgrade self-hosted atlassian bitbucket 4.x to 5.x in CentOS 7

Here we are going to show you a real example of how we upgraded out Atlassian Bitbucket server from 4.14.4 (around April 2017 installation) with the latest version of Atlassian Bitbucket 5.14.0. We use

  1. using self-hosted instance of Bitbucket 4.14.4
  2. Linux distro – CentOS 7.
  3. MySQL server for back-end. So there is a jdbc mysql driver (which should be installed after the upgrade).
  4. NGINX is used as proxy for our main HTTPS url. So we have changed our default configuration in server (in sever.xml).
  5. Bitbucket is loaded from a URL/bitbucket – “https://dev.example.com/bitbucket/”. So we have changed our default configuration (in sever.xml).

and you’ll see there are some pitfalls you can avoid if you follow our article. The latest git program in CentOS 7 is 1.8 and is not compatible with the new Atlassian Bitbucket 5.x, so we need to solve this problem before updating the server. Check out the official upgrade page here
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