Review of freshly installed Fedora 37 Xfce Desktop

SCREENSHOT 11) Run an application.

When typing the application suggests application names.

main menu
Application finder

SCREENSHOT 12) By default, the web browser is Firefox.

main menu
default web browser Firefox

SCREENSHOT 13) The context menu after right click on workspace.

The user can create links for URL, folder view, or an icon to launch an application.

main menu
workspace context menu

SCREENSHOT 14) An icon on the workspace for the URL address.By clicking on the icon on the workspace a web browser will be loaded with the link opened.

main menu
workspace create a URL link

SCREENSHOT 15) Set the name and the URL address ( for the workspace icon link.

Click on “Create” to create the URL Link icon.

main menu
workspace create link dialog

SCREENSHOT 16) The workspace icon for the URL link.

main menu
workspace icon URL link

SCREENSHOT 17) By clicking on the workspace icon URL link the browser opens the URL address –

main menu
clicking on the workspace icon URL link

SCREENSHOT 18) Show the desktop button in the bottom Panel (Panel Launcher), which will minimize all opened windows.

main menu
bottom panel shows the desktop

SCREENSHOT 19) Application finder in the bottom Panel.

All applications, which have graphical user interfaces may be found here.

main menu
bottom panel application finder

SCREENSHOT 20) Browse the folders and then open them in the Folder Manager application.

main menu
bottom panel folder view

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