Review of freshly installed Fedora 37 Xfce Desktop

SCREENSHOT 21) The context menu of the top (toolbar) panel.

Add New Items…

main menu
top panel context menu

SCREENSHOT 22) Multiple items are available to add in the top panel.

Some of the items are Launcher (program launcher with optional menu), Separator (add a separator or space between panel items), Action Buttons (log out, lock or other system actions), Applications Menu (show a menu containing categories of installed applications), Battery Monitor (show and monitor the battery status), Clipman (Clipboard manager), Clock (what time is it?), CPU Graph (Graphical representation of the CPU load), DateTime (Date and time plugin with a simple calendar) and more…The “CPU Graph” is added and it is visible in the top right corner of the screen on the toolbar next to the user name.

main menu
top panel add new items

SCREENSHOT 23) The CPU Graph properties – there are multiple options.

main menu
CPU Graph item properties

SCREENSHOT 24) The context menu of the bottom Panel.

Click on “Panel Preferences…” to configure the Panel.

main menu
bottom panel context menu

SCREENSHOT 25) Panel Preferences include the panel profile, display, appearance, items, size length and many more.

main menu
bottom Panel Preferences

SCREENSHOT 26) Switching between the active program with alt+tab keys.

The Xfce GUI draws a blue rectangle over the new active windows.

main menu
applications switch alt tab

SCREENSHOT 27) Even if the window is in the background a blue rectangle is drawn, where the window is.

main menu
applications switch alt tab 2

SCREENSHOT 28) The workspace switcher shows a tiny preview of the workspace and by clicking on it it will become active.

main menu
workspace pager

SCREENSHOT 29) In addition to the min, max, and hide buttons in the top right of every Xfce window, there is one more shade window.

It will roll up the window and only the title bar will be displayed. Click on the shade button as shown.

main menu
shade window button

SCREENSHOT 30) The Firefox window is rolled up and only the title bar stayed.

All windows below are displayed.

main menu
shading firefox window

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