Review of freshly installed Fedora 37 Xfce Desktop

SCREENSHOT 41) Connecting to the firewalld service and administrative user rights required.

main menu
Firewall connect firewalld service

SCREENSHOT 42) firewall-config 1.2.1

The application name is firewall-config and it is a graphical user interface to the firewalld service.

main menu
firewall-config 1.2.1

SCREENSHOT 43) Select the default language for the system.

All the menu and text will use this language.

main menu

SCREENSHOT 44) Click on the “Unlock” button to be able to manipulate printers.

main menu
Printer Settings Unlock

SCREENSHOT 45) Unlock the options by identifying with an administrative user account.

main menu
Printer Settings Unlock authentication

SCREENSHOT 46) Add a printer with Printer Settings.

main menu
Printer Settings add

SCREENSHOT 47) Select the discovered device under “Select Device” and click the “Forward” button.

There is a Canon G3020 connected through USB.

main menu
Printer Settings new Printer

SCREENSHOT 48) Wait for the wizard to find a suitable printer driver.

main menu
Printer Settings searching drivers

SCREENSHOT 49) Choose a driver from the list below.

Select Canon and click “Forward”.

main menu
Printer Settings Choose Driver

SCREENSHOT 50) Scroll down to the line with the name G3020 and click on “Forward”.

main menu
Printer Settings Choose Driver Canon

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