Review of freshly installed Fedora 37 Xfce Desktop

SCREENSHOT 61) The format of the new name.

It could be “Number – Text – Old Name”, “Old Name – Text – Number”, “Text – Number” and “Number – Text”.

main menu
Bulk Rename Text Format

SCREENSHOT 62) Bulk Rename 4.16.11

main menu
Bulk Rename 4.16.11

SCREENSHOT 63) Catfish File Search 4.16.4

main menu
Catfish File Search 4.16.4

SCREENSHOT 64) Clipboard Manager – the clipboard history utility.

It keeps track of the selections and the history of selections.

main menu
Clipboard Manager

SCREENSHOT 65) The Behaviour of Clipboard.

Enabling the “Sync mouse selection” will copy the text to the clipboard on every text selection without pressing any key.

main menu
Clipboard Settings Behaviour

SCREENSHOT 66) Enable automatic actions when there is something in the copied item.

main menu
Clipboard Settings Actions

SCREENSHOT 67) Clipman History options and the size of the history.

main menu
Clipboard Settings History

SCREENSHOT 68) Disks – a utility to manage disk devices and partitions.

It may be used for Format Disk, Create Disk Image, Benchmark Disk, and more.

main menu

SCREENSHOT 69) Disk-related functionality – Format Partition, Edit Partition, Edit Filesystem, Resize, Check Filesystem, Repair Filesystem, Create Partition Image, Restore Partition Image, Benchmark Partition, and more.

main menu
Disks Disk Settings

SCREENSHOT 70) It is gnome-disk-utilyt 42.0 using UDisks 2.9.4.

main menu
Disks 43

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