List all your files (and directories) with file size over FTP without ls -R (recursive)

A great piece of software is

lftp – sophisticated file transfer program

This little console tool could ease your life significantly with many enhancements to the simple FTP protocol. This tip is for those how what to list all their files in a directory or the entire FTP account, but do not have ls command with recursive abilities. So the only option is to manually go through all the directories to fetch the listing information of the directories, but this could be automatically done by

lftp using the custom command “find” and if you add “-l” argument the output is like “ls -al” – file or directory, file permissions, user and group, file size, date and file name are shown on single line for each file.

Just execute the command with proper credentials and the starting directory of your choice. The command output could even be piped to another command.
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