Review of freshly installed Fedora 37 Xfce Desktop

SCREENSHOT 51) Set a name and description of the current printer.

main menu
Printer Settings Describe the Printer

SCREENSHOT 52) The new printer has been added.

main menu
New printer added

SCREENSHOT 53) View all printers.

The context menu of a printer.

main menu
Printer Settings overview

SCREENSHOT 54) The settings table of Printer Properties.

main menu
Settings tab Printer Properties

SCREENSHOT 55) The Accessories sub-menu includes Application Finder, Bulk Rename, Catfish File Search, Clipboard Manager, Disks, Calculator, Mousepad, Passwords and Keys, Screenshot, Thunar File Manager, Xarchiver, and Xfburn. The following screenshots will show some of the applications under the Accessories sub-menu.

main menu
Application Accessories sub-menu

SCREENSHOT 56) It lists all the GUI applications and there is an extended search.

Typing on the search field will trim the results.

main menu
Application Finder

SCREENSHOT 57) Rename multiple files tool.

It will add numbering to the start of every selected file. There are the names column and the resulting “New Name” column.

main menu
Bulk Rename add numbering

SCREENSHOT 58) What templates can be used to change the name of the files – “Audio Tags”, “Insert Date / Time”, “Insert / Overwrite”, “Numbering”, “Remove Characters”, “Search & Replace” and “Uppercase / Lowercase”.

main menu
Bulk Rename options templates

SCREENSHOT 59) Suffix or the name to be changed.

main menu
Bulk Rename suffix or name

SCREENSHOT 60) There are different number formats predefined in the application.

Formats starting with leading zeroes or not, and more.

main menu
Bulk Rename Number Format

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