Review of freshly installed Fedora 37 Xfce Desktop

SCREENSHOT 141) Volume Control Playback

main menu
Volume Control Playback

SCREENSHOT 142) The Office sub-menu includes Atril Document Viewer, Claws Mail, Dictionary, and Gnumeric.

The following screenshots will show some of the applications under the Office sub-menu.

main menu
Application Office sub-menu

SCREENSHOT 143) Atril Document Viewer 1.26.0 with an opened PDF document.

main menu
Atril Document Viewer 1.26.0 pdf opened

SCREENSHOT 144) Atril Document Viewer 1.26.0

main menu
Atril Document Viewer 1.26.0

SCREENSHOT 145) A dictionary application.

main menu
Dictionary test search

SCREENSHOT 146) Xfce Dictionary 0.8.4

main menu
Xfce Dictionary 0.8.4

SCREENSHOT 147) Gnumeric with a blank sheet.

main menu
Gnumeric with blank sheet.

SCREENSHOT 148) A calendar table in the Gnumeric spreadsheet program.

main menu
Gnumeric month calendar table

SCREENSHOT 149) Gnumeric opens a xls file (Excel) with a chart.

main menu
Gnumeric opens xls file with a chart

SCREENSHOT 150) Gnumeric with the loan data sheet.

main menu
Gnumeric with loan data table

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