Review of freshly installed Fedora 36 KDE Plasma Desktop (KDE GUI)

SCREENSHOT 61) Default installation includes only one program in Development sub-menu – Qt5 QDbusViewer.

main menu
Applications Development

SCREENSHOT 62) QTBusViewer 5.15.3

main menu
QTBusViewer 5.15.3

SCREENSHOT 63) Default installation includes only one program in Education sub-menu – LibreOffice Math.

main menu
Applications Education

SCREENSHOT 64) LibreOffice Math overview

main menu
LibreOffice Math

SCREENSHOT 65) Games menu includes 3 games KMahjongg, KMines, KPatience.

main menu
all applications – Games menu

SCREENSHOT 66) KMahjongg 0.9.21122

main menu
KMahjongg 0.9.21122

SCREENSHOT 67) KMines 4.0.21122 – Minesweeper-like Game

main menu
KMines 4.0.21122

SCREENSHOT 68) Graphics includes Gwenview (KDE Image Viewer), KolorPaint (Paint Program), LibreOffice Draw (Drawing Program) and Okular (Document Viewer).

main menu
Applications Graphics

SCREENSHOT 69) Gwenview Overview – The KDE Image Viewer.

main menu
Gwenview Overview

SCREENSHOT 70) Gwenview Folder browse – previews of files and folders.

In addition, there are some filters and actions, which may apply to the files.

main menu
Gwenview Folder browse

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