Review of freshly installed Fedora 36 KDE Plasma Desktop (KDE GUI)

SCREENSHOT 181) Speech Synthesizer Frontend – KMouth.

The initial confirmation on first start of the program.

main menu
KMouth Intial Configuration Text-to-Speech

SCREENSHOT 182) KMouth Intial Configuration Phrase Book.

Choose language and a phrase book.

main menu
KMouth Intial Configuration Phrase Book

SCREENSHOT 183) KMouth Intial Word Completion

main menu
KMouth Intial Word Completion

SCREENSHOT 184) KMouth 1.2.0

main menu
KMouth 1.2.0

SCREENSHOT 185) KWrite – the KDE Text Editor.

A new file opened.

main menu
KWrite new file

SCREENSHOT 186) KWrite with opened CPP file. File format.

main menu
KWrite cpp file

SCREENSHOT 187) KWrite Edit menu and Imput Modes sub-menu.

main menu
KWrite Edit menu

SCREENSHOT 188) KWrite View menu offers New Window, Swith to Command Line, Zoom, Color Theme, Word Wrap, Borders with Show Icon Border, Show Line Numbers, Show Scrollbar Marks and Show Scrollbar Mini-Map, Code Folding, Auto Reload Document and Show Non-Printable Spaces.

main menu
KWrite View menu

SCREENSHOT 189) The Tools menu is the biggest menu with multiple useful options like Mode, Highlighting, Indentation, Encoding, End of line, Add Byte Order Mark (BOM), Scripts and more.

main menu
KWrite Tools menu and Mode sub-menu

SCREENSHOT 190) Highlighting of the text.

main menu
KWrite Tools menu and Highlighting sub-menu

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