Review of freshly installed Fedora 36 KDE Plasma Desktop (KDE GUI)

SCREENSHOT 151) KDE Partition Manager 21.12.2.

main menu
KDE Partition Manager 21.12.2

SCREENSHOT 152) KDE Partition Manager – partition functionalities includes New, Resize, Move, Delete, Shred, Check, Backup, Restore and more.

main menu
KDE Partition Manager functionality

SCREENSHOT 153) KDE Partition Manager Device menu – Select Current Device, New Partition Table, Export Partition Table, Import Partition Table, SMART Status and Properties.

main menu
KDE Partition Manager Device menu

SCREENSHOT 154) Konsole 21.12.2 with two tabs and a pstree on one of them.

main menu
Konsole 21.12.2

SCREENSHOT 155) Konsole context menu – right click to show.

The “Set Encoding” menu shown. Many different encoding available.

main menu
Konsole context menu set encoding

SCREENSHOT 156) Split view – Left/Right and Top/Bottom avaiable.

main menu
Konsole split view

SCREENSHOT 157) The user may save all the Konsole output in a text file.

The Split View Top/Bottom activated.

main menu
Konsole Save output

SCREENSHOT 158) Wallet Manager 21.12.2 – the KDE password store place.

main menu
Wallet Manager 21.12.2

SCREENSHOT 159) Problem Reporting 1.4.1

main menu
Problem Reporting 1.4.1

SCREENSHOT 160) Overview of the system – Memory consumption, Disk usage, CPU load, Network bandwidth and Applications resorce consumption.

Software information shown.

main menu
System Monitor Overview

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