Review of freshly installed Ubuntu Desktop 24.04 LTS (Gnome GUI)

SCREENSHOT 181) To change the IPv4 settings of the selected wired network.

main menu
Settings Network settings IPv4

SCREENSHOT 182) Available Bluetooth devices.

Multiple Bluetooth devices are found.

main menu
Settings Bluetooth

SCREENSHOT 183) Primary and secondary displays.

How to expand the GUI – join or mirror. Night mode configuration.

main menu
Settings Devices Displays

SCREENSHOT 184) The current monitor configuration – orientation, resolution, refresh rate, Scale, and Fractional Scaling .

main menu
Settings Devices Displays options

SCREENSHOT 185) Different resolution available for this display.

main menu
Settings Devices Displays options resolutions

SCREENSHOT 186) Sound system configuration.

System volume, Volume Levels, Input and more.

main menu
Settings Sound

SCREENSHOT 187) Devices, Power Saving – what to do in the different levels.

Suspend and Power button. Some devices like mouses and keyboards, which supports power reporting may also be configured.

main menu
Settings Power

SCREENSHOT 188) The behavior of the Gnome Shell in term of hidden functionality for different screens, workspaces and multiple monitors and desktop activities.

main menu
Settings Multitasking

SCREENSHOT 189) More options available to ease the multitasking workflow.

main menu
Settings Multitasking 2

SCREENSHOT 190) Gnome Appearance – Dark or Light style of the Gnome Shell.

The background images.

main menu
Settings Appearance

SCREENSHOT 191) Ubuntu GNOME shell behaviour – icons, Dock and Enhanced Tiling.

main menu
Settings Ubuntu Desktop

SCREENSHOT 192) System features used by the applications.

Each applications is included with its integrated part in GNOME. For example, the notifications showed here. Most of the application include here only notifications and search, but some application may have additional options and settings to tune them like security and associations.

main menu
Settings Apps

SCREENSHOT 193) Default Applications associated with Web – Firefox Web Browser, Mail – none, Calendar – Calendar, Music – none, Video – none, Photos – Image Viewer.

main menu
Settings Apps Default Apps

SCREENSHOT 194) File manager settings – notifications and default handlers

Types of files and links that this application opens.

main menu
Settings Apps Files

SCREENSHOT 195) App Details will open the App Center.

main menu
Settings Apps Files details

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