Review of freshly installed Ubuntu Desktop 24.04 LTS (Gnome GUI)

SCREENSHOT 91) Search for the city and add it by clicking the button “Add”.

main menu
Clocks Add a New World Clock

SCREENSHOT 92) Add the time when the alarm will ring.

On the set time there will be alarm notification in Ubuntu. Click on the “Add Alarm…” button.

main menu
Clocks Add Alarm

SCREENSHOT 93) Set the time when to get an alarm notification and additional characteristics such as repeat, ring duration and snooze duration.

Click on “Add” to enable the alarm notification.

main menu
Clocks Set New Alarm

SCREENSHOT 94) Start a stopwatch – count up and pause or mark a lap.

main menu
Clocks Stopwatch

SCREENSHOT 95) Multiple laps marked.

main menu
Clocks Stopwatch several laps

SCREENSHOT 96) The paused stopwatch may be resumed or reset to zero.

main menu
Clocks Stopwatch paused

SCREENSHOT 97) Start a Timer – count down to zero from a predefined time.

Count down from 5 minutes to zero, for example.

main menu
Clocks Timer

SCREENSHOT 98) Count down from 5 minutes to zero.

Click on “Pause” button to pause the count down.

main menu
Clocks Timer count down from 5 minutes

SCREENSHOT 99) The timer is pasued and may be resumed, reset from the beginning or removed.

main menu
Clocks Timer paused

SCREENSHOT 100) Clocks 46.0

main menu
Clocks 46.0

SCREENSHOT 101) Language support offers the ability of Ubuntu generic menus in other language translations or writing aids.

main menu
Language support

SCREENSHOT 102) Confirm to install new translations.

main menu
Language support authentication

SCREENSHOT 103) The new Language support translations are installing.

main menu
Language support translations installation

SCREENSHOT 104) Choose from hundreds translations.

main menu
Language support installed languages

SCREENSHOT 105) The NVIDIA settings application.

When installing the official NVIDIA drivers the NVIDIA settings application will be installed, too.

main menu
NVIDIA settings

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