Review of freshly installed Ubuntu Desktop 24.04 LTS (Gnome GUI)

SCREENSHOT 151) Disks Application Menu enables the user to load an ISO/IMG images.

main menu
Utilities Disks Application Menu

SCREENSHOT 152) The GNOME Disks application is built against the UDisks 2.10.1.

main menu
Utilities Disks 46.0 UDisks 2.10.1

SCREENSHOT 153) Document Viewer with loaded PDF file.

The Application menu is shown, too.

main menu
Utilities Document Viewer 46.0 Application Menu

SCREENSHOT 154) Document Viewer 46.0

main menu
Utilities Document Viewer 46.0

SCREENSHOT 155) A vault application to keep the system and user secrets such as login password, GPG keys, SSH keys and more.

main menu
Utilities seahorse Password and Keys add new item

SCREENSHOT 156) Click on Password from the Plus menu to store a new password item.

main menu
Utilities seahorse Password and Keys add

SCREENSHOT 157) Add password dialog – fill the Keyring, Description and the password, and then click on “Add”.

main menu
Utilities seahorse Password and Keys add password

SCREENSHOT 158) seahorse 43.0

main menu
Utilities seahorse Password and Keys 43.0

SCREENSHOT 159) Copy a specific character amongst thousands such as Smileys, Emotions, Symbols, Flags, Math, Letters, Punctuation, Pictures, Bullets and many more.

main menu
Utilities Characters Smileys and Emotions

SCREENSHOT 160) Characters 46.0

main menu
Utilities Characters 46.0

SCREENSHOT 161) All logs in the Logs applications.

Information – Sender, Time, Message, Priority, Subject. Identical messages are grouped in one line ending with the total number of the messages grouped together.

main menu
Utilities Logs All

SCREENSHOT 162) Information – Sender, Time, Message, Audit Session, Priority.

main menu
Utilities – Logs – Security

SCREENSHOT 163) Utilities Logs 45.0

main menu
Utilities Logs 45.0

SCREENSHOT 164) Fonts – the application to show installed fonts.

main menu
Utilities Fonts

SCREENSHOT 165) All alphabets using the Courier 10 Pitch and the example sentence – “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

main menu
Fonts Courier 10 Pitch

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