Review of freshly installed Ubuntu Desktop 24.04 LTS (Gnome GUI)

SCREENSHOT 166) By clicking on the Info button there is more system information like name, path location, style, type, version, copyright, and more.

main menu
Utilities Fonts Courier 10 Pitch Info

SCREENSHOT 167) Fonts 46.0.

main menu
Utilities Fonts 46.0

SCREENSHOT 168) Search in App Center for LibreOffice and click on the “Install” button.

main menu
App Center LibreOffice install

SCREENSHOT 169) An authentication of the user is required.

main menu
App Center LibreOffice install authentication

SCREENSHOT 170) The App Center is installing the LibreOffice.

main menu
App Center LibreOffice installing

SCREENSHOT 171) After successful installation of LibreOffice there are 7 new icons in the Applications menu.

main menu
Show Apps LibreOffice icons

SCREENSHOT 172) LibreOffice Calc Community.

A free spreadsheet program.

main menu
LibreOffice Calc

SCREENSHOT 173) LibreOffice spreadsheet with a chart.

main menu
LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet with chart

SCREENSHOT 174) LibreOffice Writer

main menu
LibreOffice Writer

SCREENSHOT 175) LibreOffice Impress – presentation software.

main menu
LibreOffice Impress

SCREENSHOT 176) All GNOME and various system-wide settings.

main menu
Show Apps Settings

SCREENSHOT 177) Two WiFi adapters – Qualcomm Atheros QCA6174 and Wilocity Wil6200

Multiple wi-fi networks found.

main menu
Applications Settings WiFi

SCREENSHOT 178) The second WiFi adapter – Wilocity Wil6200.

No networks found.

main menu
Settings WiFi 2

SCREENSHOT 179) The Network settings – settings for wired network, VPN and proxy configuration.

main menu
Settings Network settings

SCREENSHOT 180) The wired network settings configuration dialog.

To IPv4 change the settings the corresponding tab should be selected.

main menu
Settings Network settings Details

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