Review of freshly installed Ubuntu Desktop 24.04 LTS (Gnome GUI)

SCREENSHOT 226) Change the formats for date and time, numbers, measurements, paper, and more, which are used in the system.

main menu
Settings System Reginal and Language Fromats

SCREENSHOT 227) Automatic time syncronzation, Time zone, Time Format – 24h or AM/PM

main menu
Settings System Date and Time

SCREENSHOT 228) The current user information and password change.

Automatic Login option.

main menu
Settings System Users

SCREENSHOT 229) Enable to Desktop Sharing to share the existing desktop with other devices.

The remote connection uses the existing screen resolution.

main menu
Settings System Desktop Sharing

SCREENSHOT 230) Remotely connect to the user account, when it isn’t beeing used.

Use an remote desktop app supporting RDP protocol.

main menu
Settings System Remote Login

SCREENSHOT 231) Enable SSH access to this system.

main menu
Settings System ssh

SCREENSHOT 232) Brief software and hardware information.

Click on “System Details” for more information.

main menu
Settings About

SCREENSHOT 233) More specific information for the hardware components and the software such as OS Name (Ubuntu 24.04 LTS), OS Type (64-bit), GNOME Version (46), Windowing System (X11) and Kernel Version (6.8.0).

main menu
Settings About System Details

SCREENSHOT 234) Settings 46.0.1

main menu
Settings 46.0.1

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