Review of freshly installed Ubuntu Desktop 24.04 LTS (Gnome GUI)

SCREENSHOT 196) Settings for the Firefox is primary related to the permissions.

main menu
Settings Apps Firefox Web Browser

SCREENSHOT 197) General sections includes the File&Link Associations and the storage occupied by this application.

main menu
Settings Apps Firefox Web Browser 2

SCREENSHOT 198) Only notification is available for this application.

main menu
Settings Apps NVIDIA X Server Settings

SCREENSHOT 199) Notifications of some applications.

Enable and disable the ability of an application to show notification to the user.

main menu
Settings Notifications

SCREENSHOT 200) Tuning the notification sent by the Files application.

main menu
Settings Notifications Files

SCREENSHOT 201) Which search results to show in Activities Overview.

main menu
Settings Search

SCREENSHOT 202) Cloud and email services integrated in Ubuntu Desktop.

Ubuntu Desktop 24.04 LTS supports Google, Microsoft Personal, Microsoft 365, Nextcloud, Microsoft Exchange, IMAP and SMTP services, WebDav (Calendar, Contacts and Files), Enterprise Login (Kerberos), and etc.

main menu
Settings Online Accounts

SCREENSHOT 203) Media sharing enables the system to shre across the local network music, videos and pictures.

main menu
Settings Sharing

SCREENSHOT 204) Settings like Primary Button – left or right. Mouse – the mouse speed and more.

main menu
Settings – Mouse and Touchpad

SCREENSHOT 205) Keyboard settings – physical and shortcuts.

Input Sources, Special Character Entry, Keyboard Shortcuts. To add another keyboard layout click on “Add Input Source…”.

main menu
Settings Keyboard

SCREENSHOT 206) Search for the new keyboard layout, select the desired one and click on “Add”.

main menu
Settings Keyboard add input source

SCREENSHOT 207) When is added a second keyboard layout a switch keyboard app right top corner is started.

Switch between the installed keyboard layouts.

main menu
Settings Keyboard switch app

SCREENSHOT 208) Remove the Portuguese keyboard layout.

main menu
Settings Keyboard remove input source

SCREENSHOT 209) Color profiles for the displays.

main menu
Settings Color

SCREENSHOT 210) Printers settings.

Two printers for the same printer device – network and USB connected.

main menu
Settings Printers

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