Review of freshly installed Fedora 36 Workstation (Gnome GUI)

SCREENSHOT 51) Applications updated and by clicking on them there is more information.

main menu
software application updates review

SCREENSHOT 52) The LibreOffice Calc application updated.

The title shows the new version installed and more information on the update.

main menu
software libreoffice-calc updated

SCREENSHOT 53) Activities button clicked. The Activity overview is shown with the Dash and “Show Applications” button.

Click on “Show Applications”.

main menu
Activities Overview Dash Show Applications

SCREENSHOT 54) All installed GUI applications.

There is a sub group – Utilities.

main menu
Activities All Applications

SCREENSHOT 55) All the GUI utility applications.

Click on some application to run it.

main menu
Activities All Applications Utilities

SCREENSHOT 56) 5 modes available – Basic, Advanced, Financial, Programming and Keyboard.

main menu
Applications Calculator Advanced

SCREENSHOT 57) Calculator 42.0

main menu
Applications Calculator 42.0

SCREENSHOT 58) LibreOffice Calc blank spreadsheet

main menu
LibreOffice Calc blank spreadsheet

SCREENSHOT 59) LibreOffice Calc with random data and a chart.

main menu
LibreOffice Calc data chart

SCREENSHOT 60) LibreOffice Calc

main menu
LibreOffice Calc

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