Review of freshly installed Fedora 36 Workstation (Gnome GUI)

SCREENSHOT 121) Thunderbolt Privacy settings.

main menu
Settings Privacy Thunderbolt

SCREENSHOT 122) File history service keeps a record of files the user have used for a period of time.

Mainly used for e better searching. In this section, the time to keep the files in the trash, could be changed. By default, the files in the trash are kept 30 days.

main menu
Settings Privacy File History Trash

SCREENSHOT 123) Screen Lock – automatically locking the screen when there is a period of user inactivity to prevent others from accessing this computer.

main menu
Settings Privacy Screen Lock

SCREENSHOT 124) Problem reporting – whether this service to send reports to Fedora Linux on problems or not.

In general, it is better to send technical reports on errors, that’s way the future version of the Fedora may become more stable and secure.

main menu
Settings Privacy Diagnostic

SCREENSHOT 125) Cloud and email services integrated in Fedora Linux.

Fedora 36 Workstation supports Google, Nextcloud, Microsoft, Flickr, Foursquare, Microsoft Exchange, Fedora, IMAP and SMTP services, Kerberos and etc.

main menu
Settings Online Accounts

SCREENSHOT 126) Four types of sharing are available – File Sharing, Remote Desktop, Media Sharing (share images and video) and Remote Login.

main menu
Settings Online Sharing

SCREENSHOT 127) Sound system configuration.

System volume, Volume Levels, Input and more.

main menu
Settings Sound

SCREENSHOT 128) Devices, Power Saving – what to do in the different levels.

Suspend and Power mode. Some devices like mouses and keyboards, which supports power reporting may also be configured.

main menu
Settings Power

SCREENSHOT 129) Display – orientation, resolution, refresh rate and Scale.

Night mode configurations.

main menu
Settings Devices Displays

SCREENSHOT 130) Settings like Primary Button – left or right. Mouse – the mouse speed and more.

main menu
Settings Mouse Touchpad

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