Review of freshly installed Fedora 36 Workstation (Gnome GUI)

SCREENSHOT 131) Keyboard settings – physical and shortcuts.

Input Sources, Special Character Entry, Keyboard Shortcuts.

main menu
Settings Keyboard

SCREENSHOT 132) Add an Input Source – additional language layout.

main menu
Settings Keyboard Input Sources

SCREENSHOT 133) Printers settings.

One USB printer is connected to the computer.

main menu
Settings Printers

SCREENSHOT 134) The printer details.

main menu
Settings Printers Printer Details

SCREENSHOT 135) Media handling – CD audio, DVD video, Music player, Photos and Software, USB flash drives and etc.

main menu
Settings – Removable Media

SCREENSHOT 136) Color profiles for the devices connected to the computer.

main menu
Settings Color

SCREENSHOT 137) Installed additional keyboard languages and formats used for numbers, dates, currencies and etc.

main menu
Settings Regional and Language

SCREENSHOT 138) Change the Fromats for the date, numbers, currencies and etc.

There is a preview of how the different date, numbers, currencies would look like.

main menu
Settings Regional and Language Formats

SCREENSHOT 139) Accessibility configurations – Seeing, Hearing, Typing and more.

main menu
Settings Accessibility

SCREENSHOT 140) Accessability configurations – Pinting and Clicking.

main menu
Settings Accessibility second page

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