Review of freshly installed CentOS Stream 9 Workstation (Gnome GUI)

SCREENSHOT 81) Screenshot may capture the whole screen, a window or a selection of the screen.

Two more options – show pointer and Delay in Seconds after clicking the “Take Screenshot” button.

main menu
Utilities Screenshot application

SCREENSHOT 82) Save a screenshot in a predefined folder Pictures with a name including the date and time of the screenshot.

main menu
Utilities Screenshot save a screenshot

SCREENSHOT 83) Logs view and search logs.

There are 6 sections – Important, All, Applications, System, Security and Hardware.

main menu
Utilities Logs view and search logs

SCREENSHOT 84) Logs 3.36.0

main menu
Utilities Logs 3.36.0

SCREENSHOT 85) Fonts – view fonts on your system.

main menu
Utilities Fonts view installed fonts

SCREENSHOT 86) Fonts 40.0

main menu
Utilities Fonts 40.0

SCREENSHOT 87) Terminal the console application for Gnome.

There two tabs opened and a dmesg command executed in active one.

main menu
Utilities Terminal

SCREENSHOT 88) Terminal 3.40.3 for Gnome

main menu
Utilities Terminal 3.40.3 for Gnome 40

SCREENSHOT 89) The Wi-Fi settings shows the visibal Wi-Fi networks at the moment.

This is the first screenshot of the last section of this article – Settings. Screenshots of most popular settings in Gnome Settings application.

main menu
Settings Wi-Fi

SCREENSHOT 90) The wired networks are shown here including the VPN networks.

Network Proxy confirmation.

main menu
Applications Settings Network

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