Review of freshly installed CentOS Stream 9 Workstation (Gnome GUI)

SCREENSHOT 41) Restore all the personal data from an Evolution backup file.

main menu
Evolution restore from backup

SCREENSHOT 42) Fill your full name and email address.

Filling a gmail account, the Evolution has a predefined receiving and sending email configuration.

main menu
Evolution Identity

SCREENSHOT 43) The summary of the new email to connect Evolution to.

main menu
Evolution Account Summary

SCREENSHOT 44) Apply the configuration for the new email account.

main menu
Evolution Done

SCREENSHOT 45) A request to log in the email account.

main menu
Evolution google account authentication request

SCREENSHOT 46) Evolution email overview

main menu
Evolution email overview

SCREENSHOT 47) Evolution 3.40.4

main menu
Evolution 3.40.4

SCREENSHOT 48) LibreOffice Calc blank spreadsheet

main menu
LibreOffice Calc blank spreadsheet

SCREENSHOT 49) LibreOffice Calc with random data and a chart.

main menu
LibreOffice Calc data chart

SCREENSHOT 50) LibreOffice Calc

main menu
LibreOffice Calc

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