Review of freshly installed CentOS Stream 9 Workstation (Gnome GUI)

SCREENSHOT 61) System Monitor Processes section.

Processes information and metadata – User, % CPU, ID, Memory, Disk read total, Disk write total, Disk read, Disk write, Priority and etc. The context menu of a process offers Properties, Memory Maps, Open Files, Change Priority (Very High, High, Normal, Low, Very Low, Custom), Set Affinity, Stop, Continue, End, Kill.

main menu
System Monitor Processes context menu

SCREENSHOT 62) The application shows – Process Name, User, Status, Memory, Virtual Memory, Resident Memory, Writable Memory, Shared Memory, CPU, CPU Time, Started, Nice, Priority, ID, Security Context, Command Line, Waiting Channel, Control Group.

main menu
System Monitor Processes properties

SCREENSHOT 63) Graphs of CPU History, Memory and Swap History and Network.

main menu
System Monitor – Resources

SCREENSHOT 64) System Monitor – File Systems

The current computer contains 4 file systems and the information is shown in the columns – Device, Directory (where is it mounted), Type, Total, Available, Used and charts.

main menu
System Monitor – File Systems

SCREENSHOT 65) System Monitor – File Systems – folder manager.

Clicking on one of the devices opens a folder manager to explore the file system.

main menu
System Monitor – File Systems – folder manager

SCREENSHOT 66) Cheese – take a photos and videos with your webcam with graphical effects.

main menu
Cheese 3.38.0

SCREENSHOT 67) Take a photo with your web camera.

main menu
Cheese take a photo

SCREENSHOT 68) The following couple screenshots are from the Utilities sub-menu applications.

main menu
Applications Utilities sub-menu

SCREENSHOT 69) This computer devices.

Clicking on it to get details.

main menu
Utilities Devices Locations

SCREENSHOT 70) Disk Usage Analyzer is processing the selected device.

main menu
Utilities Disk Usage Analyzer processing

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