Review of freshly installed CentOS Stream 9 Workstation (Gnome GUI)

SCREENSHOT 31) The sub-menu Work includes Gnome editors, web browsers, clients email applications and more.

main menu
Software Work sub-menu

SCREENSHOT 32) Click on some application to see more information for the application.

Here is the LibreOffice information page. There are couple of screenshots, the Installed Size, how safe is the application and more. Scroll down to view even more information.

main menu
Software LibreOffice Writer information

SCREENSHOT 33) Notes version and what changes are made for this version (including version history), reviews and rating.

main menu
Software LibreOffice Writer information 2

SCREENSHOT 34) User reviews and commentaries.

main menu
Software LibreOffice Writer information page 2

SCREENSHOT 35) Lists all installed software.

main menu
Software installed

SCREENSHOT 36) No updates are available and the system is up to date.

main menu
Software updates

SCREENSHOT 37) The following couple of screenshots will present some of the applications, which are installed by default.

main menu
Activities Applications

SCREENSHOT 38) A simple to use CD/DVD burning application for GNOME.

main menu
burning software Brasero 3.12.2

SCREENSHOT 39) Brasero 3.12.2 with a new data disc project.

main menu
Brasero 3.12.2

SCREENSHOT 40) The welcome first run of the email client Evolution version 3.40.4.

The next screens will allow Evolution to connect to the user’s email accounts.

main menu
mail client Evolution 3.40.4

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