Review of freshly installed Fedora 36 XFce Desktop

SCREENSHOT 71) The Emblems tab of Thunar Properties.

main menu
Thunar Properties Emblems

SCREENSHOT 72) Permissions tab of Thunar Properties.

main menu
Thunar Properties Permissions

SCREENSHOT 73) This is a properties window of image file and there is a custom image file.

main menu
Thunar Properties Image

SCREENSHOT 74) Thunar 4.16.10

main menu
Thunar 4.16.10

SCREENSHOT 75) xarchiver with an opened archive and the context menu.

main menu
xarchiver open files

SCREENSHOT 76) xarchiver

main menu

SCREENSHOT 77) With xfburn the user may burn an image (ISO) file in a disk and the program also offers making of data and audio CD/DVD.

main menu
xfburn 0.6.2 action menu

SCREENSHOT 78) xfburn 0.6.2

main menu
xfburn 0.6.2

SCREENSHOT 79) The Development sub-menu offers only one application by default – Geany.

main menu
Application Development sub-menu

SCREENSHOT 80) Geany is a really fast and lightweight IDE, which supports CPP, Java, PHP and more.

For more details visit –

main menu
Geany 1.38 with opened cxx file

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