Review of freshly installed Fedora 36 XFce Desktop

SCREENSHOT 61) Mousepad 0.5.9

main menu
Mousepad 0.5.9

SCREENSHOT 62) A wallet-like password and keys application.

main menu
seahorse – Passwords and Keys

SCREENSHOT 63) seahorse 41.0

main menu
seahorse 41.0

SCREENSHOT 64) The application to make screenshots with three different regions to capture – Entire screen, Active Window and dynamically select a region.

main menu

SCREENSHOT 65) The screenshot is taken and there are 4 options to save it – Save (in a file), Copy to the clipboard, Open with a image viewer or manipulator, and Host on Imgur (share the image in the Internet).

main menu
Screenshot taken

SCREENSHOT 66) Thunar File Manager with home folder view.

main menu
Thunar File Manager

SCREENSHOT 67) Thunar various thumbnails and previews of applications in a folder list.

main menu
Thunar various thumbnails and previews

SCREENSHOT 68) Thunar View menu with various options such as Icon, List and Compact views.

main menu
Thunar View menu

SCREENSHOT 69) The context menu invoked by pressing the right mouse button.

Click on “Properties” to show more information for the file.

main menu
Thunar View context menu

SCREENSHOT 70) The General tab of Thunar Properties – the file type, size, times the default open program and more.

main menu
Thunar Properties General

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