Review of freshly installed Fedora 36 XFce Desktop

SCREENSHOT 41) Choose a driver from the list below.

Select Canon and click “Forward”.

main menu
Printer Settings Choose Driver

SCREENSHOT 42) Scroll down to the line with name G3020 and click on “Forward”.

main menu
Printer Settings Choose Driver Canon

SCREENSHOT 43) Set a name and description of the current printer.

main menu
Printer Settings Describe Printer

SCREENSHOT 44) Authentication required from the administrative user is required to save the new printer.

main menu
Printer Settings authentication required

SCREENSHOT 45) View all printers.

The context menu of a printer.

main menu
Printer Settings overview

SCREENSHOT 46) The status of the printer jobs if any.

main menu
Document Print Status

SCREENSHOT 47) The Accessories sub-menu includes Application Finder, Bulk Rename, Catfish File Search, Clipboard Manager, Disks, Calculator, Mousepad, Passwords and Keys, Screenshot, Thunar File Manager, Xarchiver and Xfburn. The following screenshots will show some of the applications under Accessories sub-menu.

main menu
Application Accessories sub-menu

SCREENSHOT 48) It lists all the GUI applications and there is an extended search.

main menu
Application Finder

SCREENSHOT 49) Application Finder Preferences

main menu
Application Finder Preferences

SCREENSHOT 50) Type part of the application’s name shows results below the search box.

main menu
Application Finder searching

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