Review of freshly installed Fedora 36 KDE Plasma Desktop part 2 – System Settings

This is the part 2 of the Fedora 36 KDE Plasma Desktop review – Review of freshly installed Fedora 36 KDE Plasma Desktop (KDE GUI)
In part 2 the only the System Settings of KDE Plasma are presented – the central place to configure and tweak the KDE Plasma – the graphical desktop environment with customizable layouts and panels, virtual desktops and sophisticated widgets. Some of the settings require administrative account and whenever it is required the Plasma platform shows a authentication dialog to escalate privileges.
It worth mentioning the KDE Platform versions in Fedora 36:

  • KDE Plasma version: 5.24.3
  • KDE Frameworks version: 5.91.0
  • QT version: 5.15.3

The System Settings reflects the above versions and the functionality they incorporate.
The main components are:

  • Appearance
  • Workspace
    • Workspace Behavior
    • Windows Management
    • Shortcuts
    • Startup and Shutdown
    • Search
  • Personalization
    • Notifications
    • Users
    • Reginal Settings
    • Accessibility
    • Applications
    • KDE Wallet
    • Online Accounts
    • User Feedback
  • Network
    • Connections
    • Settings
  • Hardware
    • Input Devices
    • Display and Monitor
    • Audio
    • Power Management
    • Bluetooth
    • Color Corrections
    • KDE Connect
    • Printers
    • Removable Storage
    • Thunderbolt
  • System Administration
    • About this System
    • software Update

System Settings may alse be started from the console with

myuser@mydesktop ~ $ systemsettings

Here are the System Setting screenshots:

SCREENSHOT 1) Click on System Settings to launch the “System Settings” program. View and edit KDE and some Linux system settings.

main menu
Main Menu – Favorites

SCREENSHOT 2) Quick Settings and most used ones.

main menu
Quick Settings

SCREENSHOT 3) Appearance – Global Theme.

main menu
Appearance – Global Theme.

SCREENSHOT 4) Appearance – Application Style

main menu
Appearance – Application Style

SCREENSHOT 5) Appearance – Plasma Theme

main menu
Appearance – Plasma Theme

SCREENSHOT 6) Appearance – Colors

main menu
Appearance – Colors

SCREENSHOT 7) Appearance – Window Decorations

main menu
Appearance – Window Decorations

SCREENSHOT 8) Select Fonts for the KDE.

Available option for high resolution displays is “force font DPI”. Anti-aliasing is also controlled by this setting.

main menu
Appearance – Fonts

SCREENSHOT 9) Appearance – Icons

main menu
Appearance – Icons

SCREENSHOT 10) Appearance – Cursor

main menu
Appearance – Cursor

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