Review of freshly installed Fedora 31 KDE Plasma Desktop (KDE GUI)

SCREENSHOT 71) Firefox Quantum 69.0.1

main menu
Firefox Quantum 69.0.1

SCREENSHOT 72) Konqueror 5.0.97 – KDE’s Web browser

main menu
Konqueror 5.0.97

SCREENSHOT 73) Multimedia sub-menu includes Kamoso (Camera), K3b (Disk Burning), JuK (Music Player) and Dragon player (Video Player).

main menu
All Applications – Multimedia

SCREENSHOT 74) K3b 19.04.3 – Disk Burning software.

main menu
K3b 19.04.3

SCREENSHOT 75) K3b 19.04.3 – Burn an image (like ISO) to physical disk.

main menu
K3b image burning

SCREENSHOT 76) Juk 19.04.3 – audio player

main menu
Juk 19.04.3

SCREENSHOT 77) Dragon PLayer 19.04.3 – KDE video player.

main menu
Dragon PLayer 19.04.3

SCREENSHOT 78) Some of interesting Office applications

KAddressBook (Contact Manager), Okular (Document Viewer, which screenshots have already been presented), KMail (Mail client, which screenshots have already been presented), Kontact (Personal Information Manager), KOrganizer (Personal Organizer), Calligra Stage (Presentation Program like MS PowerPoint and LibreOffice Impress).

main menu
All application – Office 1

SCREENSHOT 79) Continue with interesting Office applications – Calligra Sheets (Spreadsheet like MS Excel and LibreOffice Calc) and Calligra Words (Word Processor like MS Word and LibreOffice Writer).

main menu
All application – Office 2

SCREENSHOT 80) KAddressBook 5.11.3

main menu
KAddressBook 5.11.3

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