Review of freshly installed Fedora 31 KDE Plasma Desktop (KDE GUI)

SCREENSHOT 11) Available networks – WiFi and Wired.

main menu
Networks – WiFi and Wired

SCREENSHOT 12) All other Notifications

main menu

SCREENSHOT 13) Device Notifier – Storage Volume (USB) added.

main menu
Device Notifier

SCREENSHOT 14) The Fedora 31 KDE Plasma start menu – main sub-menus – Favorites, Applications, Computer, History and Leave.

main menu
KDE start menu

SCREENSHOT 15) All applications menu includes Administration, Development, Games, Graphics, Internet, Multimedia, Office, Settings, System and Utilities sub-menus.

main menu
All applications menu

SCREENSHOT 16) Computer menu inlcudes two sub-menus Applications, which were recently used and places where the user recently opend.

main menu
Computer menu

SCREENSHOT 17) Applications and files last used.

main menu
History menu

SCREENSHOT 18) Leave menu

It includes Session actions – Lock (to lock the screen), Log out (End the current session) and Switch User (start a parallel session with a different user) and System actions with Sleep (suspend to RAM – uses power from the battery), Hibernate (suspend to the disk – no power is used during this mode), Restart (to restart the machine) and Shut Down (turn off the computer).

main menu
Leave menu

SCREENSHOT 19) A search in the start menu.

main menu
Search in start menu

SCREENSHOT 20) Plasma search menu activated with Alt-F2.

main menu
Plasma search menu – Alt-F2

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