Review of freshly installed Fedora 31 KDE Plasma Desktop (KDE GUI)

SCREENSHOT 21) Desktop Toolbox button to configure the Desktop.

main menu
Desktop Toolbox button

SCREENSHOT 22) Add Widgets on the KDE Plasma Desktop.

main menu
Desktop Toolbox add widgets

SCREENSHOT 23) Toolbar with multiple KDE Plasma Widgets.

main menu
KDE Plasma Widgets

SCREENSHOT 24) Drag the plasma widget “Analog Clock” to place it somewhere on the desktop.

main menu
Place Analog Clock plasma widget

SCREENSHOT 25) Plasma Widget “Analog Clock” placed on the center of the Desktop.

main menu
Analog Clock plasma widget placed

SCREENSHOT 26) Bottom panel which serves as a Toolbar with widgets and panels.

main menu
bottom panel settings – Toolbar

SCREENSHOT 27) Bottom panel more settings for panel visibility and alignment.

main menu
Bottom panel more settings

SCREENSHOT 28) System tray is a widget placed on the bottom panel.

main menu
System tray on the bottom panel

SCREENSHOT 29) Remove the “Analog clock” widget.

main menu
Remove or configure widget – remove

SCREENSHOT 30) Thw widget “Analog Clock” has been removed.

You may undo the operation.

main menu
Widget removed

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