Review of freshly installed Fedora 31 KDE Plasma Desktop (KDE GUI)

SCREENSHOT 31) Switch between programs with Alt-tab.

main menu
Task switch – Alt-tab

SCREENSHOT 32) The upper right corner task switcher.

Go with the mouse to the upper right corner to activate the task switch. All windows are visible.

main menu
Task switch – upper right corner

SCREENSHOT 33) The default activity.

Accessed by the Desktop Toolbox button (look above).

main menu

SCREENSHOT 34) Create a new activity with name “test”.

main menu
Create new activity

SCREENSHOT 35) Switch between the activities by clicking on the one you want to switch to.

main menu
two activities

SCREENSHOT 36) Leave Menu and Restart

main menu
Leave Menu and Restart

SCREENSHOT 37) Confirm to leave the KDE Plasma Desktop.

main menu
Leave confirmation

SCREENSHOT 38) Lock the screen with Lock action.

main menu
Leave – Lock

SCREENSHOT 39) The screen session of the current user has been locked.

main menu
screen session locked

SCREENSHOT 40) Virtual Keyboard

main menu
Unlock screen session

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