Review of freshly installed Fedora 39 Workstation (Gnome GUI)

SCREENSHOT 91) Right-mouse click to show the Terminal context menu.

Click on Show Menu bar to show more menus with much more options.

main menu
Terminal context menu

SCREENSHOT 92) Terminal menu with some console options such as size and read-only feature.

main menu
Terminal Terminal menu

SCREENSHOT 93) Select a text copy it to the clipboard.

main menu
Terminal selected text

SCREENSHOT 94) Rhythmbox 3.4.7 – Music management and playback software for GNOME.

main menu
Rhythmbox 3.4.7

SCREENSHOT 95) Boxes makes it easy to install and run virtual machines.

main menu
Boxes welcome tutorial screen 1

SCREENSHOT 96) Express installation of variety of Linux distributions.

main menu
Boxes welcome tutorial express installation tutorial screen 2

SCREENSHOT 97) Easy downloads, the application downloads the OS ISOs.

main menu
Boxes welcome tutorial easy download screen 3

SCREENSHOT 98) Sharing files is simple just drop the files onto the virtual machine.

main menu
Boxes welcome tutorial Drag and Drop screen 4

SCREENSHOT 99) To create a new virtual machine click on the plus button on the top right corner.

Then click on the “Download OS” button to choose which OS to download and install.

main menu
Boxes create new virtual machine

SCREENSHOT 100) A dialog with the all available operating system is shown

Here, the Fedora Workstation 38 is chosen.

main menu
Boxes search for an operating system

SCREENSHOT 101) The Boxes application is downloading the Fedora 38 ISO file.

main menu
Boxes downloading the Fedora 38

SCREENSHOT 102) When the download has finished a create virtual machine window appears with several important options.

Click on “Create” to create the virtual machine.

main menu
Boxes new virtual machine

SCREENSHOT 103) All the virtual machine to inhibits the shortcuts from the host.

main menu
Boxes allow inhibit shortcuts

SCREENSHOT 104) Boxes starts the Fedora 38 virtual machine and the grub of the Fedora 38 is shown.

main menu
Boxes starts Fedora 38 virtual machine

SCREENSHOT 105) Boxes boots the Fedora 38 ISO.

main menu
Boxes booting Fedora 38

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