Govee WiFi Thermometer Hygrometer H5179 cannot connect to the Wi-Fi

Govee WiFi Thermometer Hygrometer (model H5179) uses 3 AA batteries, which may last year or two depending on the period of pushing the data to the severs in the Internet (i.e. using the Wi-Fi module). The device may suddenly to begin losing Wi-Fi connection or even stop connecting to it, which is an indicator that the batteries should be replaced. Despite that the battery indicator in the app is full, the batteries probably supply low voltage to the electronics in the device that’s why the Wi-Fi begins not to work properly! The device may have kept normal Bluetooth operation for several month leaving the user wondering what is going on! In fact, problems with the Wi-Fi module is the first signal for a battery replacement.
There three screenshots of a device, which works perfectly fine without the Wi-Fi. It reports via Bluetooth the temperature and keeps track of it, but cannot connect to the Wi-Fi, despite it says the Wi-Fi settings are successfully saved.

SCREENSHOT 1) In the device settings the Wi-Fi is successfully set and the device immediately tries connecting.

main menu
settings Wi-Fi successfully set

SCREENSHOT 2) The device is connecting to the Wi-Fi network.

main menu
Wi-Fi waiting for successful Wi-Fi connection

SCREENSHOT 3) The Wi-Fi connection failed.

The user remains with the impression the Wi-Fi settings such as the password are not filled correctly. In fact, the settings may be OK, but the batteries are low (despite the full indicator in the previous screens!!!) and there is no enough energy for the Wi-Fi module to work properly. Replacing the batteries with new ones and with the same Wi-Fi settings the device quickly connected successfully to the same Wi-Fi network.

main menu
Wi-Fi settings failed

The old batteries reported around 1.1 voltages output, which apparently was not enough to the Wi-Fi module to work correctly. Check out more hardware topics here –

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