Review of freshly installed Fedora 39 Workstation (Gnome GUI)

SCREENSHOT 46) The application Photos has been installed successfully.

Click on “Open” to open the “Photos” application.

main menu
Software Photos installed

SCREENSHOT 47) The application “Photos” opened.

main menu
Photos 44.0

SCREENSHOT 48) To uninstall the “Photos” software just click on the trash icon next to the “Open” button.

main menu
Software Photos Uninstall

SCREENSHOT 49) Confirmation is needed to uninstall a software application.

main menu
Software Photos Uninstall confirmation

SCREENSHOT 50) There are multiple repositories available, from which to install the “Photos” application.

One is from the official RPM repositories and the other is a flatpack, which will not install any RPM files on the system.

main menu
Software Photos multiple repositories

SCREENSHOT 51) Most of the applications in Software application has at least two repositories – RPM and flatpack based.

main menu
Software GnuCash multiple repositories

SCREENSHOT 52) Type in the Software search bar.

Searches for Chromium web browser.

Click on the “Chromium Web Browser” result.

main menu
Software search chromium

SCREENSHOT 53) There are multiple repositories, from which the applications may be installed.

Chromium could be installed from Fedora’s official repository using the RPM system and there is a flatpack install from the Flathub.

main menu
Software chromium multiple repositories to install

SCREENSHOT 54) Click on the “Install” button to install the Chromium web browser.

main menu
Software chromium install

SCREENSHOT 55) The installation of Chromium is ongoing with a possible Cancel button.

main menu
Software chromium installing

SCREENSHOT 56) When successfully installed the “Open” button replaces the “Install” and “Cancel” button.

main menu
Chromium installed

SCREENSHOT 57) Chromium 113.0.5672.126

main menu
Chromium 113.0.5672.126

SCREENSHOT 58) Lists all installed software with GUI.

List all the software with a graphical user interface installed.

main menu
Software installed tab

SCREENSHOT 59) Lists all available updates.

Click on “Restart & Update”. Apparently, there is a system update, which requires a restart.

main menu
Software updates

SCREENSHOT 60) Click on the “Show Apps” button in the Activities Overview.

To bring on focus Activities Overview click on “activities” in the left top corner or just move the mouse at the left top corner.

main menu
Activities overview

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