Review of freshly installed Fedora 39 Workstation (Gnome GUI)

SCREENSHOT 226) Color profiles for the devices connected to the computer.

main menu
Settings Color

SCREENSHOT 227) Installed additional keyboard languages and formats used for numbers, dates, currencies and etc.

main menu
Settings Regional and Language

SCREENSHOT 228) Change the Formats for the date, numbers, currencies, and etc.

There is a preview of how the different dates, numbers, currencies would look.

main menu
Settings Regional and Language Formats

SCREENSHOT 229) Accessibility configurations – Seeing, Hearing, Typing, Pointing and Clicking, and Zoom.

main menu
Settings Accessibility

SCREENSHOT 230) Seeing related manipulation – High Contrast, Reduce Animation, Large Text, Cursor Size, Overlay Scrollbars, and Screen Reader.

main menu
Settings Accessibility Seeing tab

SCREENSHOT 231) Hearing related manipulation – Overamplification, Visual alerts, and more.

main menu
Settings Accessibility Hearing tab

SCREENSHOT 232) Typing related manipulation – Screen Keyboard, Text Cursor, and Typing assist.

main menu
Settings Accessibility Typing tab

SCREENSHOT 233) Pointing & Clicking related manipulation – Mouse keys, Locate Pointer, Double-Click Delay, Click Assist.

main menu
Settings Accessibility Pointing and Clicking tab

SCREENSHOT 234) Zooming related – Desktop Zoom, Magnifier, Crosshairs, Color Filters, and more.

main menu
Settings Accessibility Zoom tab

SCREENSHOT 235) The current user information and password change.

This settings page could be used to add users, too. To add users an administrative account is needed.

main menu
Settings Users

SCREENSHOT 236) Default applications associated with Web – Firefox, Mail – none, Calendar – Calendar, Music – Rhythmbox, Video – Videos (video player), Photos – Image Viewer.

main menu
Settings Default Apps

SCREENSHOT 237) Automatic Time & Date, Automatic Time zone, Time Format – 24h or AM/PM

main menu
Settings Date and Time

SCREENSHOT 238) Timezone selection.

main menu
Settings Date and Time Timezone

SCREENSHOT 239) Brief software and hardware information and software version of GNOME 45.0.

The Widowing system is Wayland.

main menu
Settings – Details – About

SCREENSHOT 240) Enable System Dark Mode with the Dark Mode button.

main menu
Enable Dark Mode

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