Review of freshly installed Fedora 39 KDE Plasma Desktop (KDE GUI)

SCREENSHOT 46) Click on Fedora main menu then the Restart button to restart the computer.

main menu
Restart Menu

SCREENSHOT 47) Confirm to restart of the KDE Plasma Desktop.

main menu
Restart confirmation

SCREENSHOT 48) Lock and Log out is just an icon on the bottom right corner of the Fedora main menu.

Click on “Lock” to lock the user’s desktop.

main menu
Lock and Log out

SCREENSHOT 49) The screen session of the current user has been locked.

main menu
screen session locked

SCREENSHOT 50) Type the password to unlock.

main menu
Unlock the screen session password

SCREENSHOT 51) KDE main menu – Applications

main menu
KDE main menu – Applications

SCREENSHOT 52) The All Applications show all the applications with icons on the main menu alphabetically sorted.

main menu
Applications – All Applications sub-menu

SCREENSHOT 53) The Administration sub-menu contains applications: only firewall-config (Firewall Confirmation) is installed by default.

main menu
Applications Administration sub-menu

SCREENSHOT 54) The firewall-config application is just a GUI to the Firewalld service – the Fedora firewall service.

main menu
firewall-config connecting to Firewalld

SCREENSHOT 55) firewall-config (Firewall Confirmation) needs root authentication.

main menu
firewall-config root authentication

SCREENSHOT 56) The Fedora firewall overview with FedoraWorkstation zone on focus.

FedoraWorkstation zone is an active one and the WiFi and Wired network interfaces are part of it.

main menu
firewall-config firewall overview

SCREENSHOT 57) firewall-config 2.0.0

main menu
firewall-config 2.0.0

SCREENSHOT 58) The default installation includes only one program in the Development sub-menu – Qt5 QDbusViewer.

main menu
Applications Development

SCREENSHOT 59) QTBusViewer 5.15.10

main menu
QTBusViewer 5.15.10

SCREENSHOT 60) The default installation includes only one program in the Education sub-menu – LibreOffice Math.

main menu
Applications Education

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