Review of freshly installed Fedora 39 KDE Plasma Desktop (KDE GUI)

SCREENSHOT 226) KWrite View menu offers Zoom, Word Wrap, Borders with Show Icon Border, Show Line Numbers, Show Scrollbar Marks and Show Scrollbar Mini-Map, Code Folding, Auto Reload Document and Show Non-Printable Spaces.

main menu
KWrite View menu

SCREENSHOT 227) Useful shortcuts for navigating the opened documents and projects.

Quick Open, Go to Line…, Next Tab, Previous Tab, Go to Previous Location, Go to Next Location, Go to Previous Editing Location, Go to Next Editing Location, Go to Previous Modified Line, Go to Next Modified Line, Go to Matching Bracket, Select to Matching Bracket, Bookmarks, and more.

main menu
KWrite Go menu

SCREENSHOT 228) The Tools menu is the biggest menu with multiple useful options like Mode, Highlighting, Indentation, Encoding, End of line, Add Byte Order Mark (BOM), Scripts and more.

main menu
KWrite Tools menu and Mode sub-menu

SCREENSHOT 229) Highlighting of the text.

main menu
KWrite Tools menu and Highlighting sub-menu

SCREENSHOT 230) Indentation of the text.

main menu
KWrite Tools menu and Indentation sub-menu

SCREENSHOT 231) Encoding of the text.

main menu
KWrite Tools menu and Encoding sub-menu

SCREENSHOT 232) Scripts of the text – replace phrases by typing abbreviations.

Scripts include Emmet, Navigation, Quick Coding, and Editing.

main menu
KWrite Tools menu and Scripts sub-menu Emmet

SCREENSHOT 233) KWrite supports tabs and it opens new files in a separate tab.

main menu
KWrite multiple tabs open

SCREENSHOT 234) Split the KWrite open files vertically or horizontally.

main menu
KWrite split vertical or horizontal

SCREENSHOT 235) KWrite Vertical Split

main menu
KWrite Vertical Split

SCREENSHOT 236) KWrite vertical and horizontal split.

main menu
KWrite Vertical and Horizontal Split

SCREENSHOT 237) Screenshot Capture Utility – Spectacle (once it replaced the old kscreenshot).

main menu
Spectacle Take a New Screenshot

SCREENSHOT 238) Spectacle screen recording is also available.

main menu
Spectacle Recording

SCREENSHOT 239) The export feature may open different imaging tools or share the picture with an online service.

main menu
Spectacle Export

SCREENSHOT 240) Spectacle 23.08.1

main menu
Spectacle 23.08.1

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