Review of freshly installed Fedora 39 KDE Plasma Desktop (KDE GUI)

SCREENSHOT 136) Plasma Addons includes addons for KDE Plasma Workspace.

There are reviews, more information, and description sectors.

main menu
Discover Plasma Addons

SCREENSHOT 137) Plasma Widgets sub-group.

main menu
Discover Plasma Addons Widgets

SCREENSHOT 138) The Discover settings show the enabled sources, from where to download the available application.

main menu
Discover Settings – repositories.

SCREENSHOT 139) Scroll down to view more repositories in Discover settings.

main menu
Discover Settings – repositories page 2

SCREENSHOT 140) Discover 5.27.8 – an application explorer.

main menu
Discover 5.27.8

SCREENSHOT 141) A directory with different files in Dolphin with files preview.

This is “Icons view mode”

main menu
Dolphin with files preview

SCREENSHOT 142) Right-click on a file that shows the context menu.

The context menu includes integration with the archival and encryption applications. Click on “Properties” to view the file properties of the selected file.

main menu
Dolphin file context menu

SCREENSHOT 143) The General tab of file properties.

Name of the file, location, size, type, file associated program, and more.

main menu
Dolphin file properties General tab

SCREENSHOT 144) The Permissions tab of file properties shows the user, group, and other permissions and the ownership.

main menu
Dolphin file properties Permissions tab

SCREENSHOT 145) In “Advanced Permissions” the sticky and set GIU and UID bit can be set.

main menu
Dolphin file properties Advanced Permissions

SCREENSHOT 146) The Checksums tab allows the user to generate a checksum using different algorithms – MD5, SHA1, SHA256, and SHA512.

main menu
Dolphin file properties Checksums tab

SCREENSHOT 147) More file details are available in the Details tab.

For images there are the heights and widths and the type.

main menu
Dolphin file properties Details tab

SCREENSHOT 148) Clicking on the Split button will show two windows for files.

The Split button is replaced by the “Close” button. when the Split is closed, the button becomes Split again.

main menu
Dolphin Split window

SCREENSHOT 149) Click on the content menu “New Tab” to add a new tab window with files.

Dolphin supports multiple tabs showing different folders.

main menu
Dolphin Create click on new tab

SCREENSHOT 150) A compact view of file manager.

main menu
Dolphin Compact view mode.

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