Review of freshly installed Fedora 39 KDE Plasma Desktop (KDE GUI)

SCREENSHOT 31) To enter edit mode right click on any Widget or on the Desktop will trigger the context menu, which has an “Enter Edit Mode” option.

main menu
Widget context menu enter edit mode

SCREENSHOT 32) In edit mode, the widgets may be moved, resized, configured, and removed.

main menu
Plasma Widget edit mode

SCREENSHOT 33) To change the look and feel of the bottom toolbar (Panel Toolbox), right-click on it to show the context menu and then “Enter Edit Mode”.

main menu
plasma panel toolbox enter edit mode

SCREENSHOT 34) This is the edit mode of the bottom toolbox called Panel Toolbox.

Multiple options: Panel Alignment – Left, Center, Right; Visibility – Always Visible, Auto Hide, Windows Can Cover, Windows Go Below; Opacity – Adaptive, Opaque, Translucent, Maximize Panel, and Floating Panel.

main menu
plasma panel toolbox edit mode

SCREENSHOT 35) The Panel Toolbox hosts different widgets like the system tray, which can be moved to another place on the Panel Toolbox.

main menu
plasma panel toolbox system tray edit

SCREENSHOT 36) The page application – shows a preview of the different desktop screens if there is more than one.

main menu
pager edit mode

SCREENSHOT 37) Remove the “Analog clock” widget with the right-click context menu.

main menu
Remove or configure widget – remove

SCREENSHOT 38) The widget “Analog Clock” has been removed.

You may undo the operation.

main menu
Widget removed notification

SCREENSHOT 39) Switch between programs with Alt-tab.

main menu
Task switch – Alt-tab

SCREENSHOT 40) Three opened applications and the Dolphin application on focus.

main menu
switched to Dolphin application

SCREENSHOT 41) The upper right corner task switcher.

Go with the mouse to the upper right corner to activate the task switch. All windows are visible and the one with the mouse over it is brighter.

main menu
Task switch – upper right corner

SCREENSHOT 42) Switch or create a new Activity with the Alt+D+A.

Click on “Create activity…” to create a new activity. Here is more on KDE Plasma Activity –

main menu
Activities create activity

SCREENSHOT 43) Create a new activity with the name “test”.

main menu
Create new activity

SCREENSHOT 44) Switch between the activities by clicking on the one you want to switch to.

main menu
two activities

SCREENSHOT 45) The new activity “test” is active and on focus now.

main menu
switch to second activities

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