Review of freshly installed Fedora 38 Workstation (Gnome GUI)

SCREENSHOT 81) System Monitor – File Systems

The current computer contains 5 file systems and the information is shown in the columns – Device, Directory (where is it mounted), Type, Total, Available, Used, and charts.

main menu
System Monitor – File Systems

SCREENSHOT 82) System Monitor – File Systems – folder manager.

Clicking on one of the devices opens a folder manager to explore the file system.

main menu
System Monitor – File Systems – folder manager

SCREENSHOT 83) System Monitor – 44.0

main menu
System Monitor – 44.0

SCREENSHOT 84) Terminal – the console application for GNOME.

There are two tabs opened and a pstree command executed in the active one.

main menu
Utilities Terminal

SCREENSHOT 85) Terminal 3.48.0 for Gnome

main menu
Utilities Terminal 3.48.0 for Gnome 44

SCREENSHOT 86) Right-mouse click to show the Terminal context menu.

Click on Show Menubar to show more menus with much more options.

main menu
Terminal context menu

SCREENSHOT 87) Terminal menu with some console options such as size and read-only feature.

main menu
Terminal Terminal menu

SCREENSHOT 88) Rhythmbox 3.4.6 – Music management and playback software for GNOME.

main menu
Rhythmbox 3.4.6

SCREENSHOT 89) The Utilities sub-menu of Applications.

It includes Disk Usage Analyzer, Connections, Disks, Image Viewer, Document Viewer, Characters, Problem reporting, Logs, and Fonts.

main menu
Applications Utilities

SCREENSHOT 90) Start the Disk Usage Analyzer by navigating to the “Show Applications” -> “Utilities” -> “Disk Usage Analyzer”.

This computer device. Clicking on it to get details.

main menu
Applications Utilities Disk Usage Analyzer

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