Review of freshly installed Fedora 38 KDE Plasma Desktop (KDE GUI)

SCREENSHOT 121) Kontact is integrated with Akregator in the Feeds tab.

main menu
Kontact Feeds tab

SCREENSHOT 122) Kontact 5.22.3 Jornal.

main menu
Kontact 5.22.3 Jornal tab

SCREENSHOT 123) KOrganizer 5.22.3 with a new event window.

main menu
KOrganizer 5.22.3 new event

SCREENSHOT 124) LibreOffice Calc with a new spreadsheet.

main menu
LibreOffice Calc new spreadsheet

SCREENSHOT 125) LibreOffice Calc sample data with a simple chart.

main menu
LibreOffice Calc chart

SCREENSHOT 126) LibreOffice Writer with sample text.

main menu
LibreOffice Writer

SCREENSHOT 127) Only two programs – Input Method Selector and System Settings.

main menu
Applications Settings

SCREENSHOT 128) Input Method Selector

main menu
Input Method Selector

SCREENSHOT 129) Quick Settings overview page.

main menu
System Settings

SCREENSHOT 130) The System sub-menu includes Crashed Processes Viewer, Discover (Software Management), Dolphin (File Manager), Fedora Media Writer (Write Fedora images to portable device), Info Center, KDE Partition Editor, Konsole (a terminal application), KWalletManager (KDE Wallet Management Tool), Problem Reporting (View and report application crashes).

main menu
Applications System

SCREENSHOT 131) And the last item of the System sub-menu – is System Monitor.

main menu
Applications System scroll 2

SCREENSHOT 132) Crashed Processes Viewer – three crashes are recorded.

Click on one of them to get more details.

main menu
Crashed Processes Viewer

SCREENSHOT 133) The state and all gathered data for the crashed application.

A core-dump file is also included.

main menu
Crashed Processes Viewer details

SCREENSHOT 134) The Crashed Processes Viewer allows the user to run an interactive debugger to debug the crash.

main menu
Crashed Processes Viewer runs the interactive debugger

SCREENSHOT 135) The Software Center application named Discover helps the user to find and install applications, tools, and games.

There are multiple sections – Accessibility, Accessories, Developer Tools, Education, Games, Graphics, Internet, Multimedia, Office, Science and Engineering, System Settings, Applications Addons, and Plasma Addons. There is an “Update” view where the user could receive detailed information for the currently available updates. More on

main menu
Discover Software Center

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