Review of freshly installed Fedora 38 KDE Plasma Desktop (KDE GUI)

SCREENSHOT 196) System Monitor Processes could be tuned to show their own processes, user processes, system processes, and all processes.

main menu
System Monitor Processes show all processes

SCREENSHOT 197) The Utilities sub-menu contains different small utils such as Ark (Archiving Tool), Emoji Selector, KCalc (Scientific Calculator), KCharSelect (Character Selector), KFind (Find Files/Folder), KGpg (Encryption Tool), KMag (Screen Magnifier), KMail Import Wizard, KMouseTool (Automatic Mouse Click), KMouth (Speech Synthesizer Frontend) and scroll for more.

main menu
Applications Utilities page 1

SCREENSHOT 198) Applications Utilities sub-menu continues with KTnef, KWrite (Text Editor), Spectacle (Screenshot Capture Utility), and Welcome Center.

main menu
Applications Utilities page 2

SCREENSHOT 199) Archiving Tool – Ark 22.22.3

main menu
Ark 22.12.3

SCREENSHOT 200) The menus to get to the file’s properties.

main menu
Ark menu file properties

SCREENSHOT 201) Properties for a compressed file – shows information such as path, name, compression method, compression ratio, various checksums, and more.

main menu
Ark properties compressed file

SCREENSHOT 202) Emoji Selector – copy the Emoji object in the clipboard.

main menu
Emoji Selector

SCREENSHOT 203) Scientific Calculator – KCalc 22.12.3.

Four main modes – Simple Mode, Science Mode, Statistic Mode, and Numeral System Mode.

main menu
KCalc 22.12.3

SCREENSHOT 204) Character Selector – KCharSelect 21.12.2

main menu
KCharSelect 22.12.3

SCREENSHOT 205) Find Files and Folders by searching for all files with “*”.

The context menu is shown.

main menu
KFind search all

SCREENSHOT 206) KFind 22.12.3

main menu
KFind 22.12.3

SCREENSHOT 207) Welcome screen in KGpg guiding the user through basic configuration options.

main menu
KGpg Assistant Welcome

SCREENSHOT 208) What is the binary path to use.

This is the initial KGpg initialization.

main menu
KGpg Assistant

SCREENSHOT 209) Create an initial confirmation.

main menu
Initial Configuration

SCREENSHOT 210) Path to the GnuPG configuration file.

The configuration file usually is placed under the home folder.

main menu
Configuration file

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