Review of freshly installed Fedora 38 KDE Plasma Desktop (KDE GUI)

SCREENSHOT 76) Gwenview Overview – The KDE Image Viewer.

main menu
Gwenview Overview

SCREENSHOT 77) Gwenview Folder browse – previews of files and folders.

In addition, there are some filters and actions, which may apply to the files.

main menu
Gwenview Folder browse

SCREENSHOT 78) Gwenview View – the default view when viewing images.

main menu
Gwenview viewing an image

SCREENSHOT 79) The Gwenview View sidebar shows more information about the image like image size, full name, and more.

click on “Show more details…” for more details.

main menu
Gwenview View sidebar

SCREENSHOT 80) All image information is available in the image metadata like EXIF and more.

main menu
Gwenview View Image Information

SCREENSHOT 81) Gwenview View 22.12.3

main menu
Gwenview View 22.12.3

SCREENSHOT 82) KolorPaint the KDE Paint Program.

Basic image edit functionality is available.

main menu
KolorPaint 22.12.3

SCREENSHOT 83) LibreOffice Draw

main menu
LibreOffice Draw

SCREENSHOT 84) Okular 22.12.3 Document Viewer.

It can open multiple documents such as images, office files (pdf), and more.

main menu
Okular 22.12.3

SCREENSHOT 85) Okular with opened a pdf file.

main menu
Okular with opened pdf

SCREENSHOT 86) Internet applications – this section includes (RSS) Feed Reader (Akregator), the Internet web browsers (Firefox, Chromium), mail clients (KMail), IRC Client (Konversation), and more.

main menu
Applications Internet first page

SCREENSHOT 87) Internet applications – continue the list of interesting applications – KDE Connect (Device synchronization with mobile smartphones), KDE Connect SMS, remote desktop viewer application (KRDC), Krfb (Desktop Sharing – VNC), and more.

main menu
Applications – Internet 2

SCREENSHOT 88) Akregator 5.22.3 – RSS feed aggregator

main menu
Akregator 5.22.3

SCREENSHOT 89) KDE Connect – an application to synchronize all user devices.

An android application is also available to support smartphones. More on

main menu
KDE Connect

SCREENSHOT 90) KDE Connect pairs with a smartphone.

main menu
KDE Connect pair

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