Review of freshly installed Fedora 38 KDE Plasma Desktop (KDE GUI)

SCREENSHOT 151) Clicking on the Split button will show two windows for files.

The Split button is replaced by the “Close” button. when the Split is closed, the button becomes Split again.

main menu
Dolphin Split window

SCREENSHOT 152) Click on the content menu “New Tab” to add a new tab window with files.

Dolphin supports multiple tabs showing different folders.

main menu
Dolphin Create click on new tab

SCREENSHOT 153) Close the second folder tab

main menu
Dolphin Close tab

SCREENSHOT 154) A compact view of file manager.

main menu
Dolphin Compact view mode.

SCREENSHOT 155) A details view of the file manager.

Size and Modified information is shown.

main menu
Dolphin Details view mode.

SCREENSHOT 156) The “Open Menu” icon in the upper right will show a context-like menu. More panels may be shown in the Dolphin view.

main menu
Dolphin open menu Show panels

SCREENSHOT 157) There are a couple of columns available to activate in the Dolphin file view.

main menu
Dolphin and Show Additional Information.

SCREENSHOT 158) Multiple options are available for files to sort by – Name, Size, Modified, Created, Accessed, Type, Rating, Tags, Comment, and specific data for the files like images, video, audio, documents, and more.

main menu
Dolphin Sort By

SCREENSHOT 159) The window menu with the default File, Edit, View, Go, Tools, and Settings sub-menus.

main menu
Dolphin window menu

SCREENSHOT 160) Create a new folder. Right-click and then “Create New” -> Folder … to create a new folder.

main menu
Dolphin Create New – Folder

SCREENSHOT 161) Set the name of the new folder and click OK.

main menu
Dolphin Create New Folder name

SCREENSHOT 162) The compression tool and the encrypted are integrated within the Dolphin.

There are three different options – Extract archive here, Extract the archive to… and Extract archive here, autodetect subfolder.

main menu
Dolphin context menu zip file

SCREENSHOT 163) Dolphin 22.12.3

main menu
Dolphin 22.12.3

SCREENSHOT 164) This program can make a bootable flash or disk drive.

Select the source of what you want to burn/save to a USB.

main menu
Fedora Media Writer 5.0.6 Select Image Source

SCREENSHOT 165) Select the image source to flash or burn.

main menu
Fedora Media Writer source select

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