Review of freshly installed Fedora 37 KDE Plasma Desktop (KDE GUI)

SCREENSHOT 76) Highlighting of the text.

main menu
Kate Tools menu and Highlighting sub-menu

SCREENSHOT 77) Indentation of the text.

main menu
Kate Tools menu and Indentation sub-menu

SCREENSHOT 78) Encoding of the text.

main menu
Kate Tools menu and Encoding sub-menu

SCREENSHOT 79) Scripts of the text – replace phrases by typing abbreviations.

Scripts include Emmet, Navigation, Quick Coding, and Editing.

main menu
Kate Tools menu and Scripts sub-menu Emmet

SCREENSHOT 80) External tools are also supported.

For example, compilation and running a file and so on.

main menu
Kate Tools menu and external tools

SCREENSHOT 81) Use the Settings menu to configure the Kate application.

main menu
Kate Settings menu

SCREENSHOT 82) Kate is highly configurable.

main menu
Kate Configuration

SCREENSHOT 83) QTBusViewer 5.15.6

main menu
QTBusViewer 5.15.6

SCREENSHOT 84) The default installation includes only one program in Education sub-menu – LibreOffice Math.

main menu
Applications Education

SCREENSHOT 85) LibreOffice Math overview

main menu
LibreOffice Math

SCREENSHOT 86) The Games menu includes 3 games KMahjongg, KMines, KPatience.

main menu
all applications – Games menu

SCREENSHOT 87) KMahjongg 0.9.22041

main menu
KMahjongg 0.9.22041

SCREENSHOT 88) KMines 4.0.22082 – Minesweeper-like Game

main menu
KMines 4.0.22082

SCREENSHOT 89) KPatience 22.08.2 – a card game.

main menu
KPatience 22.08.2

SCREENSHOT 90) The Graphics sub-menu includes Gwenview (KDE Image Viewer), KolorPaint (Paint Program), LibreOffice Draw (Drawing Program), and Okular (Document Viewer).

main menu
Applications Graphics

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