Review of freshly installed Fedora 37 KDE Plasma Desktop (KDE GUI)

SCREENSHOT 61) firewall-config 1.2.1

main menu
firewall-config 1.2.1

SCREENSHOT 62) The default installation includes only one program in the Development sub-menu – Kate and Qt5 QDbusViewer.

main menu
Applications Development

SCREENSHOT 63) Kate – the KDE Advanced Text Editor.

Kate may work with simple and separate files and with files organized in a project or multiple projects. Kate is like a simple IDE.

main menu
Kate new file

SCREENSHOT 64) Kate 22.08.2

main menu
Kate 22.08.2

SCREENSHOT 65) Kate opened the CPP file.

CPP highlighting code.

main menu
Kate CPP file

SCREENSHOT 66) Kate File menu and File Actions sub-menu with supported actions – Rename, Delete, Compare, Copy Location, Open Containing Folder, Properties.

main menu
Kate File menu

SCREENSHOT 67) Kate Edit menu and Input Modes sub-menu.

main menu
Kate Edit menu

SCREENSHOT 68) Multiple actions are available on a selected part of the text.

There are multiple useful actions such as Capitalization – Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize, Join Lines, Indentations, and more.

main menu
Kate Selection menu

SCREENSHOT 69) Kate View menu offers Split View, Total View, Enlarge, Shrink and Reset Font, Code Folding, Auto Reload Document, and Show Non-Printable Spaces.

main menu
Kate View menu

SCREENSHOT 70) Different word wrap – dynamic, static, and more.

main menu
Kate View menu word wrap

SCREENSHOT 71) Useful shortcuts for navigating the opened documents and projects.

Quick Open, Go to Line…, Next Tab, Previous Tab, Go to Previous Location, Go to Next Location, Go to Previous Editing Location, Go to Next Editing Location, Go to Previous Modified Line, Go to Next Modified Line, Go to Matching Bracket, Select to Matching Bracket, Bookmarks, and more.

main menu
Kate Go menu

SCREENSHOT 72) Kate Project menu helps to open, close, and load the previous project.

main menu
Kate Project menu

SCREENSHOT 73) The Kate LSP Client provides code navigation, code completion, and finding references based on the language.

Really useful actions are Go to Definition, Go to Declaration, Go to Type Definition, Find References, Find Implementations, and many more. All these actions are supported by the loaded file programing language.

main menu
Kate LSP Client menu

SCREENSHOT 74) To manage Kate sessions use the Sessions menu.

Saves and loads saved options and opened files.

main menu
Kate Sessions

SCREENSHOT 75) The Tools menu is the biggest menu with multiple useful options like Mode, Highlighting, Indentation, Encoding, End of line, Add Byte Order Mark (BOM), Scripts, and more.

main menu
Kate Tools menu and Mode sub-menu

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