Review of freshly installed Fedora 37 KDE Plasma Desktop (KDE GUI)

SCREENSHOT 211) Scientific Calculator – KCalc 22.08.2. Four main modes – Simple Mode, Science Mode, Statistics Mode, and Numeral System Mode.

main menu
KCalc 22.08.2

SCREENSHOT 212) Character Selector – KCharSelect 21.12.2

main menu
KCharSelect 22.08.2

SCREENSHOT 213) Find Files and Folders by searching for all files with “*”.

The context menu is shown.

main menu
KFind search all

SCREENSHOT 214) KFind 22.08.2

main menu
KFind 22.08.2

SCREENSHOT 215) Welcome screen in KGpg guiding the user through basic configuration options.

main menu
KGpg Assistant Welcome

SCREENSHOT 216) What is the binary path to use.

This is the initial KGpg initialization.

main menu
KGpg Assistant

SCREENSHOT 217) Create an initial confirmation.

main menu
Initial Configuration

SCREENSHOT 218) Path to the GnuPG configuration file.

The configuration file usually is placed under the home folder.

main menu
Configuration file

SCREENSHOT 219) Select the user’s default key.

main menu
Default Key

SCREENSHOT 220) Finish the initial GnuPG setup.

main menu
Finish Initial setup

SCREENSHOT 221) Key Management with KGpg – generate key pair window.

main menu
KGpg – generate key pair

SCREENSHOT 222) The passphrase for the generated key.

main menu
KGpg – generate key pair passphrase

SCREENSHOT 223) KGpg 22.08.2

main menu
KGpg 22.08.2

SCREENSHOT 224) KMagnifier 22.08.2 – Magnify everything the mouse hovers.

main menu
KMagnifier 22.08.2

SCREENSHOT 225) Automatic Mouse Click – KMouseTool

main menu

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